Code of ethics and conduct

1. Introduction 

This Code of Ethics and Conduct aims to set out transparently the set of values and ethical principles that inspire the activity of ISC LAB S.C.A.R.L. Benefit Company, or more simply ISC LAB, and to define rights, duties and responsibilities to which all those who have relations with the Laboratory, i.e. employees, suppliers, collaborators, institutions and customers, must comply.

This document, in its entirety, is aimed at:

-define and explain the values and general ethical principles that guide and support their business activities and relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, employees, collaborators, administrators, public institutions and any other person involved in the business of the company;

-protect the environmental policy and the territory in which ISC LAB works in its broadest sense. The latter ranges from the place to the people who live there to the community.

– formalize the commitment to behave based on the ethical principles of moral legitimacy, fairness and equality, protection of the person, diligence, transparency, honesty, confidentiality, impartiality, protection of health and job security;

– indicate to their employees, collaborators and administrators the principles of conduct, values and responsibilities which they require to be strictly observed in the course of the provision of work;

– define the implementation tools and the implementation methodology.

2. Purpose and recipients 

This Code of Ethics sets out the set of ethical and moral principles that are the basis of the activity of the ISC LAB as well as the lines of conduct adopted by ISC LAB both in the internal processes of its activity (in relations between employees) and in those external (in relations with institutions – whether public or private – state bodies or offices, suppliers, customers, consultants, business partners).

The Code will be widely disseminated within the internal governance structure and broadly communicated externally, including through its website.

3. General principles 

The recipients’ conduct at all company levels is based on legality, fairness, non-discrimination, confidentiality, diligence, and loyalty.

3.1. Legality

The tools to achieve legality are based on inspiring principles that guide entrepreneurs in their work, aware that legality creates value and culture, and they generate an impact not only on the company but also more widely on the fabric of society in which it insists and operates.

ISC LAB operates in full compliance with the law and this Code. Therefore, all recipients are required to observe all applicable legislation and constantly update themselves on legislative changes, using the training opportunities offered by ISC LAB for this purpose.

3.2. Honesty and Fairness 

Correctness and moral integrity are primary values that all recipients must pursue. They are required not to establish any privileged relationship with third parties, which results from external solicitations aimed at improper obtainment advantages and to observe, on time, the rules and principles of this Code.

 ISC LAB will never promote actions detrimental to public or private interest in corruption, extortion, or improper behaviour in antitrust and unfair competition, whether it concerns dumping or cartel agreements. 

3.3. Non Discrimination 

ISC LAB rejects any discrimination concerning age, sex, race, sexual orientation, state of health, political and trade union opinions, religion, culture and nationality, both in relations between employees and in relations with institutions, suppliers, customers, commercial partners, and in particular in the selection and management of personnel, in the work organization. 

3.4. Confidentiality 

ISC LAB undertakes to ensure the protection and confidentiality of personal data in compliance with all applicable legislation on the protection of personal data (GDPR 679/2016; Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments). 

Information that is known before it is exposed cannot be considered confidential. The same goes for information that is in the public domain or that becomes so not due to improper actions. That also applies to the information legitimately obtained from a third party. 

3.5. Diligence 

The relationship between ISC LAB and its employees is based on mutual trust. Recipients must refrain from any activity that could constitute a conflict of interest with ISC LAB. 

3.6. Loyalty 

ISC LAB and the recipients undertake to create fair competition, in compliance with national and E.U. legal regulations, in the awareness that this also represents a strong incentive for innovation and development processes, as well as for building a solid reputation image, to the basis of every business success. 

4. Relations with employees and collaborators 

4.1. Personnel selection 

The assessment and selection of personnel are carried out according to fairness and transparency, in compliance with equal opportunities. To this end, ISC LAB undertakes to adopt the necessary measures to avoid any form of favouritism in the personnel selection process using objective and merit-based criteria. 

By implementing the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the hired staff receives transparent and precise information about the parties & responsibilities, rights and duties. 

4.2. Personnel Management 

ISC LAB protects and enhances its human resources, constantly maintaining the conditions necessary for the professional growth, knowledge and skills of each person, carrying out the appropriate training for professional updating and any initiative aimed at pursuing this purpose. 

ISC LAB ensures the protection of the principle of equal opportunities and manages career and salary advancements on this basis, in a continuous and balanced comparison with the reference market, committing itself to ensure transparency, seriousness, fairness and clarity on the evaluation methods applied. 

5. Work environment 

ISC LAB is committed to offering its staff a healthy, safe and respectful working environment for the dignity of workers. 

Safety in the workplace is ensured by rigorously implementing the provisions envisaged by the laws in force and by actively disseminating the principles of safety in the workplace through specific training programs. Therefore, staff training is a cornerstone of the management system implemented by the company. 

6. Management of the company 

6.1. Compliance with internal procedures 

ISC LAB believes that the essential values for achieving management efficiency and control culture are collaboration, transparency, fairness and integrity.

Recipients are required to strictly observe the values and principles indicated in this document and the company internal procedures and instructions. 

6.2. Accounting transparency 

Each operation and transaction must be correctly recorded, authorized, verifiable, legitimate, consistent and congruous. All actions and operations must be adequately recorded, and it must be possible to verify the decision, authorization and execution process. 

Any neglect, omission or falsification of which employees become aware must be promptly reported to management. 

6.3. Heritage protection 

The Recipients exercise their functions, trying to rationalize and contain the use of company resources. 

All corporate tools and workplaces must be exercised with due respect and following the appropriate methods to keep their use intact and efficient over time. Any malfunction, or suspected such, must be promptly reported to management. 

6.4 Communication and complaints 

ISC LAB provides suitable communication tools (Forms – Forms) through which you can interact with the company to forward requests, ask for clarifications, or complain. 

ISC LAB promotes effective corporate communication to acknowledge the community's demands, needs and needs and spread its values and mission. 

7. Relations with the outside world 

7.1 Relations with Authorities and Public Administrations 

Relations with the Authorities and the Public Administration must be based on the utmost clarity, transparency and collaboration, in full compliance with the law and according to the highest moral and professional standards. 

7.2 Relationship with customers and suppliers 

Recipients deal with third parties with courtesy, competence and professionalism, in the belief that their conduct depends on the protection of the image and reputation of the company and, consequently, the achievement of corporate objectives. 

In particular, in relations with suppliers, the recipients are obliged to observe the internal procedures for the selection and management of relations with suppliers; obtain the collaboration of suppliers in constantly ensuring the satisfaction of customer needs in terms of quality, cost and delivery times; bring any problems with a supplier to management so that the consequences can be assessed. 

Concerning customers, recipients must observe internal procedures for managing relationships with customers; provide accurate and exhaustive information about the products and services offered so that the customer can make informed decisions. 

8. Internal control system 

Compliance with the requirements of this Code is entrusted to the prudent, reasonable and careful supervision of each recipient. It is done within the context of their respective roles and functions within the company. 

With the internal control system, ISC LAB intends to pursue the general objectives of effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, safeguarding company assets and resources, compliance with laws, regulations and internal procedures and reliability of accounting and financial data. 

9. Guidelines of the sanctioning system 

Recipients are required to comply with this Code of Ethics in all respects. Therefore, compliance with the rules of this Code of Ethics and of conduct constitutes an essential part of the contractual obligations of employees (employees and collaborators), according to and for Articles 2104 and 2106 of the Italian Civil Code. 

ISC LAB will take the appropriate measures against those whose actions have violated this Code of Ethics. 

Disciplinary measures may include, at the sole discretion of ISC LAB, verbal or written warning, suspension or immediate termination of the employment or business relationship, or any other disciplinary measure deemed appropriate for the circumstances.