Who we are

Located within the Innovation Square Center in Turin, ISC Lab was born as a consortium company with international, private and institutional partners, including Italian universities.

Our Mission

ISC Lab is based on innovation, the exchange of experience and sharing of know-how.

We support our customers and partners in the certification and characterization of innovative materials and products; we adopt national and international standards (UNI, ISO, ASTM, DIN, ..), and we are versatile in carrying out tailor-made tests for each customer.

Our Vision

Our highest goal is to achieve ISO 17025Accreditation.

We aim to increase the use of the tomograph for new applications to shorten the analysis times and deepen the investigation fields.

We aim to implement the characterization and application of post-consumer recycled plastics in favour of the circular economy.

Our Values

Our values are based on reliability, professionalism and compliance with deadlines to create solid and lasting partnerships. Our dynamic and proactive approach, training, and collaborations with our affiliates
allow us to adapt to the most varied requests and offer a comprehensive service in different application fields.



Code of ethics ISC Lab